Cape Clivia Club

Cape Clivia Club

The Cape Clivia Club meetings are held every quarter alternating between Durbanville and Kirstenbosch Gardens. Interesting talks are arranged, a raffle of special Clivia plants is held and members share knowledge and experience and exchange plants and seed in a friendly and pleasant atmosphere.  New members are given a seedling of Clivia miniata var. citrina at their first meeting.  Products such as plant pots, labels, etc. are purchased in bulk to offer to members at discounted prices.

Between meetings seed and plants of selected hybrids are offered on a mail order basis and workshops on particular aspects of cultivating Clivia are organized for members.

For more info and membership details visit their website at

The Secretary Joy Woodward may be contacted at 072-487-7933 or 021-671-7384


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