Seeds and offsets for sale

Clivia Flower Seed and Plant lists:

23rd July 2017

Blue Horizon Bay Clivia Seedlist 2017



5th April 2017


Copy of CLIVIA Seeds 2017 Rina van der Merwe

Order form Rina van der Merwe


Copy of 2017 Gem Wildflower Clivia Couture Mark Lewis and Hilton Atherstone Seedlists (002)

Copy of Gem Wildflowers Seedlist Photos and Order Form 2017 FINAL (002)


Copy of Hilton Atherstone ROUMEN NURSERY 2017

Seedlist FINAL Copy of Mark Lewis 2017

Seedlist Final Clivia Couture Seedlist 2017


Clivia Couture Seedlist 2017





23rd March 2017

2017 Seed Lists for Daylily Park – Chris Smit


13th March 2017

The list of seeds on offer from Sean Chubb and Val Thurston


12th March 2017

The seeds of Cliviamart available now may be found at the following web address:


8th March 2017

Carrie Kruger of Utopia Clivia Seedlist link

24th February 2017

Enjoy the selection of seed offered by Liz Boyd of Karkloof Clivias.

Karkloof Clivias Seed List 2017

24th February 2017

Herewith Louis Lotter’s Seed List for 2017

Ngomie Seedlist 2017 Rsa


We will include contact details here of individuals and websites of persons wishing to sell either seed or plants.

While the Clivia Society will not take responsibility for any contracts between the buyer and seller, we will on behalf of the buyer help you follow up on a purchase.

Remember that Clivia miniata plants flower in September in the South Africa. Should you be looking for a specific flowering plant, ensure that the flower colour is the one you are looking for

Seeds from South Africa of the miniata Clivia are usually sent in July or August.

The lists of seed sales are released in the first quarter of the the year

When purchasing seed, ensure that they are as fresh as possible.

As soon as lists are available they will be published on behalf of the sellers on this site

Should you wish to be contacted via e-mail when the seeds are available, send an e-mail to


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