Clivia Conference Talks on the 5/6th September 2018

The Speakers at the conference include the following persons and the subjects they will be covering: (This is a provisional list)

Helen Marriot – The Contributions of Japanese breeders to Clivia hybridisation

Prof. Johan Spies – 1) The role of polyploidy in Clivia breeding

2) The role of the pod parent in Clivia breeding

Felix Middleton –  1) Pollinators identified in pendulous and upright Clivia flowers

2) Clivia gardenii – ngome form – how it differs from other gardenii forms

Aart van Voorst – Tetraploid breeding of Clivias.  Update on the progress since 2002.

Sean Chubb – Achieving improvement and change using ‘compatible’ Clivia plant breeding

John van der Linde – The development of Clivia in China and the resultant Chinese bubble

Eddie Pang – Changes achieved and progress in changes to Chinese Clivia leaves.

Pikkie Strumpher – Changes that have been made to improve the breeding of ‘777 Elize’

Dawie Strydom – Splash breeding from his Jumbo strain of plants

Francois van Rooyen – Changes achieved and progress in interspecific plant breeding

Piet Theron, Henriette Stroh, John van der Linde and Dawie Strydom – a panel presentation and discussion on multitepal breeding

Piet Theron, Pikkie Strumpher and Dawie Strydom – changes to develop a compact, broad leaved yellow Clivia plant

Wayne Hasselau – The blue leafed Pondo Clivia miniata

Ute Jacobs – What change has there been in fertilisation and feeding of Clivia


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